Halloween in Ecuador

For the last two years, one of the expat mothers in Cotacachi, Kasie, has hosted a Halloween party for the kids. Halloween is not really celebrated in Ecuador and so this is a chance for the expat kids to celebrate something from home and to introduce something new to the Ecuadorian children. Our boys love being able to dress up and see all the other costumes. Since David and I are of the “less is more” mindset, we have very few excess possessions which means that coming up with costumes for ourselves is pretty difficult. Last year David managed to go as a dorky tourist and I was a snowboarder chick (sans snowboard), but this year we decided not to dress up, which disappointed Jesse terribly. Judging by all the smiling and laughing at the party, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he got over it.

Cowboy Justin
Jesse as Leonardo Da Vinci












Kasie and her friends go all out with preparing the food. The standards of chips & dip, crackers & cheese, and chili were all available, but so were some creative treats. We feasted on eyeballs (deviled eggs with olive centers), mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in strips of dough), bloody fingers (thin breadsticks with almond “fingernails” and red jam), and chocolate cupcakes with gummy worms crawling out. But the most memorable goodies on the table were these guys.

crack balls

I don’t know what they’re really named, so let’s just call them crackballs. They may not look like much, but crackballs are just that: an addictive drug. A little chunk of heaven that keeps you craving more, keeps you enjoying that moist gooey chocolatey goodness while sending your heart rate into triple digits, and sends you plummeting down from your sugar-induced high like a lead balloon. They’re evil and divinity all wrapped into one little orange or brown ball. I’m told they’re a simple combination of blended oreos and cream cheese dipped in melted chocolate, but oh, are they so much more.

Anyhow, getting back on track… The kids (and a few of the adults) enjoyed games of musical chairs, sack races, whack the pinata (isn’t that always fun to watch children pile on each other in a mass frenzy of candy gathering?), and bobbing for apples.

Sack Race
apple bob
Bobbing for apples

They even arranged trick-or-treating with adults stationed at different areas with bags of candy. The kids had a blast and the adults had good food and conversation. We’re looking forward to next year’s party and the boys are already planning their costumes.


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