Thanksgiving Update (and I’m back…..)

I’m back and ready to roll once again. I apologize for the interruption in blogging, but here’s what went down the last two weeks.

We had friends over for dinner in October and Jesse, my 9-year old, made pumpkin pie for dessert. Our friends were so impressed they suggested Jesse offer pumpkin pies to the expat community during the holidays. Since Jesse was looking for a way to earn money, we figured why not?

Well….it turned out to be far more popular than we’d ever imagined. We (I have to make the pie crusts while Jesse makes the pie filling itself, so technically it was a joint venture though I gave Jesse all the pie profits) were making one or two pies for a local restaurant every weekend and several others in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The two days before Thanksgiving were crazy with pie orders, but we got them all made and to their happy owners. Jesse was thrilled with the earnings, but if I see another pie in the next few months it will be too soon!

On top of that I had several article deadlines due in these last two weeks which has taken up a lot of my time.

Of course Thanksgiving fell in that time frame too and here is how our second Thanksgiving in Ecuador went down.

Originally we were just going to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home with the four of us. But, a few days beforehand, friends of our invited us to their place for dinner along with several other expats. Guess what we were asked to bring? You got it – PIE! No big deal though since I was already making so many pies, two more were hardly noticeable.

Our hosts, Chuck and Kathy Baumgarten:

The appetizers. Mexican Deviled Eggs, Lox & Cream Cheese on Cocktail Bread, and Italian Herb Bread.


The main course. I was too busy eating to get actual photos of the prime presentation, but there was pulled pork, cornbread dressing, green beans and onions, and mashed potatoes. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, French silk pie, and a white cake with fruit topping. I think you can tell from all the empty plates that it was a big hit.


Afterwards, the guys headed out for a little horseshoe action.


And that was our 2013 Thanksgiving in Ecuador. We may have been halfway across the world from much of our family, but the four of us were together and we were with good friends. We had a wonderful dinner, good conversation, and scenery that never gets old. I’d say it was a good day to be thankful.


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