Horsing Around

Jesse’s had a hankering to ride horses for awhile now, but for many months it just wasn’t something we had time for. Then shortly before Christmas we were invited to a horse ranch where the boys had the chance to ride horses in the ring for the first time. They both had a great time, but David and I had some difficulty convincing Jesse it was time to get off – he was ready to ride the horse home!

So as a Christmas present the boys received horseback riding sessions. Our first trip out was a great success even though my horse had an attitude that day. She wanted to run and refused to stop. She would spin in circles, prance backwards, and high-step around, but she was NOT going to stand still.

Regardless, we had a great time and as you can see the scenery wasn’t too shabby either. I wish I had more photos, but to be honest it’s tough to get good shots while atop a crazy horse. Maybe next time.



4 thoughts on “Horsing Around”

  1. If you travel close to Quito, going south close to Cotopaxi there’s a hostal that has horseback riding.
    Here’s a link for them:


    Entering thru Machachi (a town about 15 mi. south of central Quito along E-35), what’s great about it is the fantastic view of Cotopaxi. You’re high up on a property with a lot of open land and your group can go with a guide horeseback riding thru trails. The horses are pretty tame, but don’t wonder off. They have wild bulls in certain fenced areas.

    Dress warmly and enjoy,


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