Two Birds. One Stone.

Jesse has always loved to help me in the kitchen and he’s really taking off with cooking and baking this year. He recently began making sourdough bread on his own (well I help a teeny bit) and social media turned it into a money maker for him. See, typically dinner at our house is tasty, but is served in a dish-it-up-yourself style right off the stove top. This night the table was set and our meal actually looked like something you’d find in a little Parisian or Tuscan restaurant. So naturally I posted a photo on Facebook mentioning that the bread was made by Jesse. Next thing we know Jess is getting orders for his sourdough and he’s making a little money. Cool.

Sourdough loaves.

On a seemingly unrelated note we spoke with a friend about giving drum lessons to Jesse as he’s been wanting to learn a musical instrument for some time. Friend says he would be happy to teach Jesse and we discuss payment. Friend says that a mutual friend who has been buying Jesse’s bread tells him it’s fabulous, so maybe Jesse could just pay him in baked goods. Wow. Kiddo’s getting twice weekly drum lessons and he’s paying for it himself. Score!

Focaccia bread.

Now my chef extraordinaire has branched out into focaccia bread. His ten year old self is already so confident in his abilities that he became impatient with me the other day while he was baking. Apparently I failed to take into consideration his use of sea salt vs. table salt, so when I told him he needed to add 1 tsp. of salt he reamed me out for not reducing the amount. You see sea salt is more potent than table salt and that extra 1/4 tsp. of salt may have ruined his artistic creation. Or so he would have me believe. According to my son I “have no concept of how to bake.”  Yeah, I got a kick out of that comment!

Bake on son. Bake on.


1 thought on “Two Birds. One Stone.”

  1. Well, my husband is a chef; has owned two restaurants, and worked for a food service company. Jesse and he will get along fine, and we might eat well!

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