Meet the Family

DavidSunDavid, aka Dad, is the driving force behind many of our family adventures.  Whether it’s living in a tent for three months while we built an off-grid cabin or watching our boat floating away while on a remote Canadian peninsula, David’s been the guy behind it all.  His greatest passion is fishing and his ultimate dream is to reside on an unpopulated northern lake and live off the land.

He has an understated knack for finding lesser-known travel destinations that our whole family loves, but not much of a talent when it comes to finding his keys or phone.  He loves to fish (did I already mention that?), eat spicy food, and listen to old George Carlin acts.  He is not so fond of heights, touristy venues, or country music.


DSC_2336Wendy, aka Mom, is the finder of lost things, comforter of sick or injured children, and herder of cats (or so it seems on certain days).  She is a near-granola nature lover whose hope is to make some small difference in the world.

If she were stranded alone on a desert island her one must-have item would be her Kindle with an unlimited supply of books, and she hopes what she learned from watching all those old MacGyver episodes would help her through the rest.  Her stubborn streak can get her into trouble, but sure comes in handy in those situations where perseverance is needed.  She loves her family, has no use for ignorance and her only real vice is dark chocolate; it’s her kryptonite.


DSC_1090Justin uttered his first word at 9 months and hasn’t quit speaking since.  If the boy’s not talking, he’s singing, and he plays a pretty mean guitar too.  He loves all things nature and inherited his love of reading from his Mama. 

Creativity runs heavily in this kid and he is great at coming up with unorthodox solutions to problems.  He is a Brett Dennen-listening, animal lovin’, aviation fanatic with a weakness for ice cream sandwiches.  He has also learned how to play his older brother role well.


JesseDJesse should have been born a fish.  Whether it’s cannonballing into a swimming pool or snorkeling through tropical waters our youngest son is most at home in the water.  Despite his aquatic tendencies, Jesse still finds plenty to keep him occupied on dry land especially if it involves constructing something.  He loves to build things with legos, but a hammer and a few pieces of wood is even better.

Mischievousness courses through his veins, but he still manages to be snuggly, sweet, and caring.  If you are ever ill or injured, Jesse is the person you want to take care of you as you will want for nothing!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I read your article in International Living. I would love to email you with a few questions and possibly meet you when I travel there to explore the horizons of retirement. Equador is in my top 3 places to live. I’ve been devouring info on the internet and am in a few chat rooms which really helps get an American’s viewpoint. It will be so nice to settle in a nice place without all the gadgets and material distractions here. I know the people there will be a treat.


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